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Internet users are increasing day by day and so are the companies selling product and services on web space. Start from food, clothes, books, accessories etc, you can order it and get in at your home in few days.

E-commerce marketing is all about inviting web surfers to your site and, once there, to tempt them into becoming a customer.Indian Digital Marketing focuses on clear defined marketing activities to get more results for eCommerce stores.

Strategies on which Indian Digital Marketing focuses

  • Pay-Per-Click: To get fast results, Google Adwords plays an important role. You can set the target location to run ads. Ads can be run Industry, Category, Location or Product wise etc.
  • Banner Ads: Banners can also be placed on various websites to get visitors from their website. Rates of banner vary depending upon the traffic website gets and the space taken for banner.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is again one the quickest way to generate leads provided you have relevant database.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook promotion, LinkedIn promotion etc, can also be used for ecommerce marketing as you can find most of the prospects on these social sites.
  • Blog Writing: Focus can also be on blog writing to generate leads, more the content on website more would be the visitors which makes it easy to get right leads.

Benefits of E-commerce Marketing for your Business

  • Fill up shopping carts - offer relevant additional products, services, or content offerings to the customers based on the data they have from browsing on your site.
  • Attract More Customers – Personalize the topic, timing and content of the message as it will attract more attention and drive action.
  • Increase Resonance With the Customer – Give your message more significance and make it mean something to the customer will strengthen the call to action.
  • Form, structure and purspose to content - Have a content that is relevant and unique and should be structured properly.
  • Make Customer Conversion Easier – It has been seen in marketing that the more steps customer requires to take, the more chances you have to lose them. People are always likely to act when the action is fast and easy.
  • Enhance Customer Personal Passions – Content personalization is necessary as this would enhance customers interest.
  • Improve Lead Nurturing – Personalized content as per each person’s interests and behavior will strengthen the connection with the customer and lead to more conversion into marketing and sales action.
  • Keep Your Website Fresh to Returning Customers – Keep updating your website with something new but relevant.
  • Spark New Business - – These actions will help retailers get a stronger start with new prospects, by immediately showing that you have information relevant to their interests or needs.

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