Till date we could use the internet data that we paid for, to do anything over the internet, but now these telecom industries are trying to charge us separately for using some services other than the data pack charges. Will these telecom giants dictate our net usage? This sounds scary!

In India, as of now there is no law governing net neutrality, and there have been some violations by some service providers like Bharti Airtel. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is the only body that could solve this issue. These service providers say that the internet companies like Facebook and Google invest less and earn more unlike the Internet Service Providers who invest high amount of money and in return earn less.

At the end of 2014,Airtel had changed its service terms for 2G and 3G data packs which did not include VoIP data in the set amount of free data. TRAI investigated in this and later Airtel revoked this change but was not held responsible as there is no net neutrality law in India.

Gopal Vittal, CEO of Airtel’s India operations said that companies offering free messaging and calling app like Skype, Line and Whatsapp should be regulated just like the telecom industries as this is affecting their earnings and want a share of revenue from these internet companies. However, TRAI rejected this proposal and is about to set guidelines over net neutrality. Now, TRAI has come up with a consultation paper which includes rules like – NO BLOCKING , NO THROTTLING AND NO PAID PATRIOTISM. TRAI has even asked for suggestions and public feedback about charging separately for OTT services and Net Neutrality.


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