Social Media Strategies used by Aam Aadmi Party

What Aam Aadmi Party has done in Indian politics, no party could do in last 60 odd years.

The way they connect with youth and common man is outstanding, and the movement they started on social media could easily connect them to the entire Delhi youth.

One of the strategy that we think Aam Aadmi Party has focused is on Social Media  as :

Aggressive use of Facebook:

Anti Corruption movement by Anna Hazare gave birth to Aam Aadmi Party that attracted lakhs of people from different parts of India, thanks to social media channels for this such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs ,Articles etc.

24 Laksh likes and most of them from youth. Simply OUTSTANDING. If you read their posts, they are so interesting that you feel like reading them again and again and most of the time you end up liking the post. Your liking it, encourages your friends to like the post and this goes VIRAL in this way. Facebook helps Aam Aadmi Party in attracting young voters which can be  clearly seen in 2013 Vidhan sabha elections of Delhi where approx. 63% voting has been done. Also, in 2015 Vidhan sabha elections of Delhi, approx. 70% voting has been done .A CLEAR MOVEMENT.

One of the reasons of getting so much fan following is that they are running an anti corruption campaign against big parties of Delhi which is a hot topic everywhere.

 HATS OFF to those who are running these campaigns.

Use of Twitter: 1.2 Million followers. Want to know what Aam Aadmi Party is doing, go to their twitter page and you will get all information. They spread information and news so fast that even news channels follow their posts for their news. Their posts have dramatically increased their reach and enhanced their brand image in the market which is helping Aam Aadmi Party to get good traffic and followers.

Aam Aadmi Party is searching for other online networks to reach maximum people in India. Social media might not be enough to win them elections, but it will surely help  them to get majority of votes.

Let’s see if Social Media is changing face of Indian Politics. It has done in Delhi, let’s see what we have for 2015 Vidhan sabha elections of Delhi.


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