Love yourself to Love Others

By Sachin| on 26/12/2014 | 0 Comments

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."  ---- Lucille Ball

Love is one the most searchable word in the online world and yet most of us don’t understand the real meaning of love. In today’s fast moving world, parents are trading love with money, chocolates, and gifts. Husbands are trading love with diamonds; jewelries etc. and this list can go on for all relations.

Does this corporate culture, hectic life is taking your maximum time or have you stopped thinking for your loved ones or I would say you have STOPPED LOVING YOURSElF.

Let’s go back a bit, the problem is not with the this hectic life, problem is we have stopped loving ourselves, unless you learn to love yourself you can’t treat others with kindness, love, true feelings.

So the question is how to love yourself, I am writing few strong points which I come up with.

Accept the way you are- When you love yourself unconditionally, chances are very high that your love towards others increases manifold. Eat good food, do meditation, try to find your inner self.

Find purpose- Let’s find your passion, just for the sake of society, stop running behind the dream of others. Find your passion, your ambition, and your dreams and then go for it with looking back.

Stop living in past and future- Problem with most of us is that we live in past and future, and our present is getting wasted in thinking what happened in past and what will happen in future. Just think, can you go back to your past and change it, answer is BIG NO.  And can you control your future, most of us, most of us might be thinking, yes I can. But seriously guys think again on this.

Don’t let fear touch you- FEAR, the most destructive thing in everybody’s life which doesn’t even exists. Can we see fear? It’s imaginary and has no meaning in our life, but yet we all say words like I am scared, fear is killing me. Let’s not FEAR kill your imagination, your inner self. 


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