Free SEO Tools

SEO tools always help companies to make their website work effectively and SEO friendly, but “To Know if the Website is SEO friendly” is always a challenge for beginners. So here, we are talking about free SEO tools which can help you informed in case of errors.

Google Analytics:

The most important tool available for SEO experts are Google Analytics. SEO experts can blindly use this tool to get high quality and detailed information. It's a Google dominated web, so avoiding Google Analytics is not possible as most of the important information about visitors or traffic comes from this source.

Google Webmaster Tools:

To diagnose the health of website, Google has this fantastic tool that keeps giving you information of site's health and the potential issues site is facing. Mostly it works for search and optimization, helping Google better understand your site. 

Keyword Planner:

Keyword planner is another tool that is must for all SEO experts as it will help them to give understanding of how all keywords are placed in competition. However, it's mostly for Google Ad words but still it's importance can't be denied in this Google dominated web. You will be able to get traffic estimates, search volume for a list of keywords, keyword ideas which gives clarity for choosing targeted keywords accordingly.


Alexa is a website that gives ranking to all websites available on the web. SEO experts often use Alexa ranking to position their leadership in the market. It also gives you information about organic search and what keywords are giving you maximum traffic. Simple but awesome tool.



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