Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015:

To have a deep knowledge of trends, always try to prioritize your approach towards consumer and the same goes for Digital Marketing. Being aware of our readers and Digital Marketing, we have tried listing 6 Digital Marketing predictions for your business:

1. Content Marketing will overcome the fall in organic reach of Facebook posts: As you all know, Facebook is making changes in its algorithm and this change will reduce the reach of Facebook posts organically, which means all advertisers have to reword on their social media strategies to promote their product. Facebook has clearly stated that it's going to focus more on User Experience and Content, which means only informative content or news feed will be allowed on Facebook pages to be seen by users organically. It can be done through Blogging, Stories etc. Effective use of content marketing can be used as a way to overcome this decline in organic reach of Facebook posts. 

2. Social Media Icons on website: All websites has started having social media icons on their website to drive more traffic. Social sharing buttons or logins on blogs increases the reach of content in the blog. The number of social media website can increase drastically in the year 2015 and having login functionality on website will enhance user experience and traffic on website.

3. Personalized Digital Marketing Campaigns: Digital Marketing has been done through various mediums like Social Media, Paid Promotion, Content Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Email Campaigning etc. Year 2015 will need personalized strategies for all mediums to get more Engagement from the target customer. Advertisers have to clearly define marketing plan for their online marketing strategies this year.

4. Focus on Social Media Campaigns: Instagram has recently announced sponsored ads; Twitter search engines updates are also making headlines along with Facebook algorithm change. All these changes in the tactics of all social media leaders will force advertisers to make sure that their social marketing strategy is going to give them benefit in 2015 or not.

5. Content Marketing will steal the show: Digital marketing world is all about content; it's the essence of promotional activities. Content rich website will surely get more visitors than other websites. Google and other search engines give priority to content and year 2015 will not be different when it comes to content marketing. So an advice to all advertisers, focus on content.

6. Websites should be Mobile friendly: Introduction of mobile phone internet has changed the pattern of websites. As per the study, year 2015 will encourage users to view websites on their phones. All decisions can be taken looking at the website on mobiles. Screen size and user friendliness of mobiles makes it easy for users to use internet more often on mobile than laptops, desktops etc. So an advice to all, get Mobile friendly websites.




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