Important SEO Tools used by SEO Experts

 SEO Tools used by SEO Experts:

 Search Engine Optimization is a long-term, continuous and little technical process. Various free and paid tools can be  used to make SEO activity easier, faster and simpler. One can make SEO more effective while save lot of time and effort  just by using these tools.

 Use these tools and become highly-profitable SEO Expert on your own.

Keyword Planner Tool – First thing to do is to establish your marketing goals and then Search for the keywords with which your target market searches for through Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tool.

Competitive Research Tool – Look for the keywords your competitors in the market are using and how much competition is available on particular keywords. Google Adwords Keywords Planner tool will also show you the type of competition either medium or high on particular keyword.

PPC Tool: Run paid ads on highly competitive keywords since it will take much time to come up through organic search. PPC ads show instant results and one can track the results also to understand how those keywords are performing and invest only on the most profitable keywords.

Backlink Tracker Tool: Through this one can check the paid and exchanged tools. Get alerts when your backlinks have been removed or converted to no follow links.

Rank Checker Tool: This tool allows you to check the global or Indian ranking of your website with the most searchable keywords, Organic Search Visit, average time spent by visitors on your site.

Webmaster Tool: Google webmaster tool allows you to check the URL Errors present on your website. Webmaster crawls your site from time to time and sends notifications to correct the same.



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